Stocking Filler Ideas

Looking for a lil something to fill the stockings this year? Is the gal in your life beauty obsessed? We’ve got what you need! These stocking filler ideas cover all beauty bases and will not disappoint.



stocking filler ideas

Give the gift of perfect lashes with our premium range of false eyelashes! These make the perfect stocking fillers to have their lashes sorted, just in time for New Years Eve. ZALA Lash Romance lashes are super soft, fluffy and ultra natural looking. The range is handcrafted and made with love so that they last up to 25 applications! We have 8 different styles available in both 100% human hair and 100% mink hair, so there a lash for every girl, to go with every makeup look!



Next up, our Protect Me Bag. This is on our vital list for the hair extension lover in your life! This specially designed protective case stores hair extensions whilst you’re not wearing them and helps to keep them soft & silky for as long as possible. It comes with a super handy hanger and folds up neatly to make the perfect carrier when travelling! Definitely a must have stocking filler to go with a set of premium ZALA clip in hair extensions!


Last but not definitely not least, the ZALA Tangle Tamer! Although small and compact, this little guy quickly removes knots and tangles whilst being super gentle on your locks. It’s the perfect on-the-go detangler and fits easily in your handbag. And, it’s soft and flexible bristles make it completely safe to use on hair extensions. A ZALA Tangle Tamer is our most recommended hair brush which definitely won’t disappoint!


Which of these stocking filler ideas would you want for Christmas? Treat yourself and shop our full range of hair extensions and accessories HERE.


Christmas Gift Guide

The countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun! On the hunt for the perfect gift for the beauty lover in your life? We’ve got you covered at ZALA. Whether it’s your bestie, mum, girlfriend or yourself, our Christmas gift guide has something for every gal who loves all things beauty!




christmas gift guide

Starting with our must luxurious item on this years Christmas Gift guide. If you really want to treat the beauty lover in your life, a set of premium quality ZALA clip in hair extensions! Our Quadlux range are the ultimate set of clip ins as they are super thick, soft & silky and instantly make any girls #hairgoals a reality.




For the beauty addict in your life that’s either new to hair extensions or prefers quick, effortless styles, go for our ponytail extensions! ZALA ponytails are oh so easy to apply and create the perfect pony in a matter of minutes. They’re super versatile and can be styled in braids and buns too! A definite fave at ZALA and the easiest way to revamp any ponytail style!




This next gift is our absolute favourite and most recommended styling tool! With 5 interchangeable heads, the ZALA Cosmo Wand is seriously the ultimate curling wand for every look you can think of. Each wand creates a unique look and has inbuilt anti-frizz technology to create the perfect, defined curls. It also features adjustable temperature settings which is perfect for styling hair extensions.




Last up on our 2016 Christmas Gift guide – our premium range of 100% mink and 100% human hair false lashes. These babies make perfect stocking fillers and never disappoint! ZALA Lash Romance Lashes are soft, fluffy and ultra natural looking. They’re hand crafted and made with love for up to 25 applications per set. We offer 8 different styles avaialble in both 100% mink as well as 100% human hair, so there’s a lash for every gal in your life.


Which is your pick from our Christmas gift guide?



False Eyelashes vs Eyelash Extensions

Let’s talk lashes! In particular, False Eyelashes vs Eyelash Extensions! Although both create similar results, the two are VERY different in technique, cost and maintenance. Read on for our full false eyelashes vs eyelash extensions comparison!

false eyelashes vs eyelash extensions


false eyelashes vs eyelash extensions


False eyelashes can be applied at home within minutes! The ease of applying falsies makes them the most popular lash extension method on the market. Simply choose your pair, cut to fit & glue! Read our super helpful guide on exactly how to apply falsies HERE.

Eyelash extensions are much more complex in application. They must be applied by a professional. Each lash is individually applied at a lash salon and the whole process usually takes 1 – 2 hours. The application is very detailed, as each individual hair is applied with a semi-permanent bonding adhesive.


As there are so many types of false eyelashes available, the price does vary depending on the quality of lash you purchase. From synthetic to human lashes, mink to silk lashes. You can buy lashes in bulk calculating each pair to be only a couple dollars. Whereas a higher quality lash such as mink or silk should cost you around $25 a pair.

Of course with eyelashes extensions the technique is much more complex. Therefore one application will cost around $125. This also does depend on the look you want to achieve, as more full and glamorous looks will up the price. As these are a semi-permanent method of lash extensions, keep in mind the cost of infills, too!

false eyelashes vs eyelash extensions

So much fluffiness! ZALA Lash Romance 100% 3D Mink Lashes <3


Falsies are not worn long enough to require maintenance, therefore the upkeep of falsies is very minimal. The perfect way to add volume and length to your lashes without the commitment is ZALA Lash Romance. All that is required is application, removal and safe storage. Super simple! In saying that, the better you look after your lashes, the longer they will last! Did you know, ZALA Lash Romance lashes last up to 25 reapplications?!

On the other hand, eyelash extensions require much more maintenance as they are semi-permanent. Proper maintenance is a must with eyelash extensions for long lasting results. With lash extensions, beauty products & cleansers containing oil must be avoided. It is also recommended to avoid wearing mascara with extensions. If proper care is not taken, this can cause premature shedding or even damage to your natural lashes. This may be a decider for some when weighing up false eyelashes vs eyelash extensions!


Once applied correctly with a good quality adhesive, they are very durable on the eye! Although, falsies are of course designed for temporary results. Cheap quality lashes often last only 1-2 applications. Whereas high quality 100% Human & Mink Lashes are very durable, lasting up to 25 applications! However, they cannot be worn to bed, whilst swimming or for an extended period at one time.

fasle eyelashes vs eyelash extensions

Whereas eyelashes extensions typically last 4-6 weeks once applied, with infills required. Hence, lash extensions are perfect for those who desire more permanent results. These are also ideal for those who wear very minimal makeup or who have naturally spare or small lashes. Although lash extensions provide longer lasting results, they are a MUCH more delicate method. Keep in mind the lash area must be handled with EXTRA care, as shedding is expected.


Lastly, results! Due to it’s complex & delicate process, eyelash extensions are perfect for creating an ultra natural look. Eyelash extensions are designed to perfectly fit the shape of your eye, as well as the curl of your natural lashes. Individual lashes are applied very close to the lash line, therefore there is no visible strip or band creating a seamless look.

On the other hand, false eyelashes have been known to appear obvious and unnatural. But, don’t be discouraged by cheaper quality falsies! Materials such as human hair & mink hair are designed to replicate the look, feel and texture of natural lashes. These higher quality materials create the same effect as eyelashes extensions in minutes & at a fraction of the price!

The ZALA Lash Romance offers a full range of 100% Human and 100% Mink lashes to create a natural, feathery appearance. Our 100% Mink 3D lashes are super fluffy and voluminous! False eyelashes are also great as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from barely there to ultra bold sets. The ZALA Lash Romance range offers 8 unique styles, perfect for every look and each occasion.

So, what type of lashes do you love? Let us know who you think wins the battle of false eyelashes vs eyelash extensions! We think false lashes are a winner at ZALA! Who couldn’t resist the most fluffy, voluminous lashes in minutes with ZALA Lash Romance? <3 Shop our full range of premium quality lashes HERE for limited intro prices!