How to Use Hair Extensions to Get More Volume

When we think of hair extensions, we normally think length. But hair extensions can do sooo much more than just extend your own hair.

Good quality hair extensions are perfect for adding VOLUME, even if you don’t want to add any length at all! Luckily for you, we’ve got you sorted babe – not only do we have beautiful quality human hair (and synthetic) hair extensions, but they come ready to wear in a wide range of lengths.

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So let’s talk Volume

If you feel your hair is a little on the thin side, you’re not alone girl! Hair comes in all kinds of textures – and while we love that we are all unique, it is totally natural to want what we don’t have.

Thin hair isn’t always something we are just naturally born with – Hair thinning overtime is a common problem that many people struggle with. Sometimes it happens due to health issues, whereas at other times, our age or environment may be the cause. Whatever the reason, thin hair can make certain styles difficult to pull off and keep you from feeling your best.

Ever find yourself scrolling insta looking at celeb after celeb flaunting gorgeous, voluminous locks and find yourself cursing the hair gods? What is the secret behind ALL. THAT. VOLUME? Surely it’s not just a celebrity birthright to have thick, bouncy hair?

Psst… We’ve got the answer – and it’s not always genetics. The good news is that you, too, can add volume to your hair, and you won’t need to sell a kidney, thankfully. With the right set of Zala human hair extensions, you can transform your appearance just like your fave celebrities

The right extensions not only add length but also volume to your hair. They will make your hair look fuller and healthier (yassss queen!)

Find the Perfect Extension for Volume

Here at Zala, we love long, flowing hair but we also love a gorgeous shoulder-length moment (omg hi Lucy Hale & Margot Robbie, that’s so funny we were just talking about you!)

You may love your shoulder-length hair, but feel that the lack of thickness leaves you feeling flat – pun intended. SOLUTION: Pairing your hair with the perfect shoulder-length hair extensions, you can add volume to your hair without compromising on length.

Whether you’ve got a 12-inch bob or 16-inch V-cut, it is a good idea to get extensions that fit with the length. The good news is that Zala human hair extensions come in many different length and volume options, so finding the perfect fit will be simple.  

Once you’ve found the right length and volume for your extensions, be sure to check the installation method. While our clips-ins are safe and comfortable to wear, especially in the shorter lengths, babes with weak hair roots might find they add too much weight for their hair to cope with!

Keep this in mind when choosing your extensions. You can select tape-in or halo extensions if your hair is on the fine or very damaged side. 

After receiving your new best friends, you can have them installed and then try a few hairstyles to determine what looks best on you. Loose curls, backcombing, high ponytail, messy bun… the options are endless for adding volume to your hair!

If you’re not sure about a particular hairstyle, then clip in your wefts, bend your head forward and bring all the hair to the front. Next, fluff your hair with your hands and flip it back. By doing so, you’ll be amazed to see the instant volume it will add to your hair. 

Customize the Not-So-Perfect Length 

Most readily available hair extensions are 16’’ or 20’’ in length, making a choice difficult for women who prefer short or medium hair. But don’t worry: you can always customize your hair extensions to get your desired length and volume. 

However, we’d recommend you get the extensions in the length closest to your natural hair OR go a little longer. You can take your new hair to the hairdresser – as they are human hair they can be cut just like your natural hair!

Need some inspo? Check out the 12 inch hair extensions before and after photos!

If you have synthetic extensions, cutting and trimming them at home won’t do the trick. So visit your stylist to get your desired length, style, and volume. But, if you have human hair extensions, you can attain your desired hair length at home with little effort.

Start by measuring the length, and mark the point where you want to cut the extension. Be sure to use a light-colored marker or chalk to identify the point where your sharp scissor will do the magic. Then start cutting, chop the additional length and trim the edges for a neat finish. Once done, put in your customized extensions to get instant volume.

More Tips to Get Voluminous Hair With Extensions

Even with extensions, there’s no guarantee you’ll never get flat hair. Here’re some tips to ensure your extensions are always bouncy, fluffy, and full of life.


Use a volumizing shampoo to wash your hair, as it will open the hair cuticles, add strength to the root, and make the extension fluffy. A mild, sustainable volumizing shampoo will add life to your wefts. Once shampooed, dry out the wefts and then install them to see the results. 

Blow Drying 

We all love to blow dry our hair. Using the correct technique, a simple blow dry can make your extensions voluminous and transform your look. 

Start by flipping your hair to the front while blow-drying, and separate the strands with your fingers simultaneously. Then slightly tease the roots of your hair and finish off with a gentle brushing. You’re free to apply a gentle hair spray for a refined finish. 

Short hair looks great when volumized, so don’t miss out on the glam. Get a nice haircut, find the perfect extensions to go with it, and you’re sure to love the outcomes.

Dry Shampoo 

Not just for when you’d rather get to bed early than give your hair a desperately-needed wash – we do it too girl! If your hair is looking a little flat, spray the roots with dry shampoo, flip your hair to the front and get in there with your fingers. Fluff that hair up a little and when you flip it back, ta-da! Instant Volume!



5 Easy Hair Extension Styles

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimised by a bad hair day?

Ugh! They always creep up when you least expect it! So we find that the best defence against BHDs (Bad Hair Days) is to be PREPARED. And girl, we’ve got the best tricks to have up your sleeve!

Flawless-looking hairstyles require some practice and volume. Don’t you just love how easy that sounds, I think we all know that achieving volume is a little more challenging than it seems! So if your 5 minute up-do comes out looking a little more like Miss Trunchbull than the gorgeous messy bun of your dreams, we’ve got you covered.

The good news is that if your hair is on the thinner side or you desire to have longer, voluminous, thick hair, Zala hair extensions have got you covered. The better news is that we have SO many options online for you to find some extensions that are perfect for you.

Long story short: Zala Hair Extensions = Instant Volume!

But we don’t just have hair extensions, read on to learn a few chic hairstyles, so you can look stunning for every occasion.

It’s recommended to invest in high-quality, 100 percent human hair extensions when you try out different hairstyles, since synthetic wefts come with styling limitations.

Once you have your set of human hair extensions, whether you grabbed clip-in extensions, or you had your hairdresser fit your Zala Tapes, here are some easy hairstyles you can master in no time. These hairstyles work with most types of human hair extensions:

1. Breezy Beach Waves

Beautiful beach waves with NO hot tools? SIGN ME UP!

This beautiful hairstyle is the easiest of all hairstyles to achieve with extensions. The best part is that you can even create those stunning waves without using hot tools like flat irons or curlers.

To begin, make two-strand twists across the blend of your extensions and natural hair and secure them to your head with bobby pins. Then, spray some water on top before heading to bed.

When you wake up the following day, you’ll be surprised to see those perfect wavy effects on your hair. Make sure to use a gentle hair-setting spray to lock the style in for the entire day.

Then you can LITERALLY say “I woke up like dis”.

2. The Oh-so-Glam Side-Swept Braid

Sometimes you just NEED to keep your hair out of your face and sometimes you just ended to hide the fact that you probably needed to wash your hair like 2-3 days ago… your secret is safe with us.

Here’s an easy-peasy hairstyle to rock with your hair extensions: the side-swept braid!

Unlock cool girl status on your busiest days. This one is the ultimate for looking like you actually made an effort, without really putting in all that much effort. Love that for us.

This hairstyle goes all the way to the back of your head, where you have to secure it with a band or use a clip if you prefer to keep your hair open.

Start by making a center or side hair part. Then, braid your locks to get a classic, stylish look. Keep braiding to your comfort point, add more hair as you move back, and stop where you wish. Braid all the way down till the end of your extensions for a polished look, or stop braiding about halfway down for a cute boho vibe. Finally, secure the end with a hair elastic and tidy up that braid with some pins.

You can use a spray to set the baby hair strands and that’s it—ta-Da!

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3. The Classic Low Ponytail

Who doesn’t like a well-done ponytail? But if your natural hair looks limp and sad in a ponytail, then throw in hair extensions to add some sparkle. This hairstyle is your best bet if you’re a working woman who struggles with messy hair.

It is a good idea to use clip-in extensions for this look. Create a side or center part, and then pull your hair into a sleek ponytail.

Make sure to comb your front hair while keeping it neat, and use a teasing comb to add more volume. And finally, use a hair tie to complete the look.

PRO TIP #1: Tie that pony TIGHT ladies – a tight elastic helps keep the volume and prevents you looking like you’ve just finished at high school PE!

PRO TIP #2: Grab a piece of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the hair elastic, then secure it in place with a bobby pin. This completely elevates that pony and takes you to pro status in a pinch.

Want to polish your classic low ponytail further? Consider using a curler or straightener to curl your fringe (if you don’t have fringe you can still curl the parts of your hair that frame your face). This is the best way to make your hair look super polished and done up with minimal effort!

Knowing how to use clip-in hair extensions will get all those stunning pony hairstyles sorted. But don’t worry, because clip-in wefts are the easiest of all extensions to apply and remove.

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4. The Voluminous Messy Bun

Putting hair up when you have extensions is a great idea! It adds volume to your hair, looks natural, and doesn’t require much (if any) touch-up thereafter. But the key here is to install your extensions in the correct position. You may need to install them in the opposite direction that you normally would when wearing your hair down. We recommend clip-ins for this one as well because they’re versatile and easy to apply.

After putting in the extensions, start by making a high ponytail and bring all your hair to the front to add some more volume. Then use a rubber band to fix the bun or bobby pins to lock your hair, and you’re good to go! This messy hairstyle looks impressive because it doesn’t have to be perfect.

5. Half-Up, Half-Down With a Braid (or No Braid)

Get the half up, half down hairstyle to flaunt your extensions without the effort of blending them into your real hair – because some days you just cannot be bothered! Amirite?

This one is an absolute lifesaver when you are time poor because you can literally hide clips/grown out tapes/beads in the parts of your hair that is tied up!

You’ll need a tail comb and some pins to achieve this hairstyle. And once you’re done, use a rubber band to secure the style in place.

You can create this hairstyle in two ways. First, braid the hair at the front and secure it in the middle (just at the back of your head). Second, make a dual-strand twist to wear the style with more comfort (it will keep the hair out of your face).

The half up, half down hairstyle looks best when paired with a vibrant, chic dress, but feel free to wear this and the other styles listed here for literally anywhere.

Any occasion is a good occasion to have a good hair day, and your ZALAs will help make good hair days happen more often!

What is your favourite way to style your Zalas? We’d love to see babe – make sure your tag us in your insta posts so we can share the love!



That’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of ZALA. 

Georgia Fowler

Georgia Fowler (middle) and model (right) rock Zala’s Chestnut Brown in 20”, Carol Zhu (left) wears Natural Black 24

After a year or so of living make-up free, in track pants, and occasionally brushing our hair (on a good day), it seems the designers presenting at Fashion Week this year wanted to make up for lost time by going BOLD. And we are SO here for it!

Australian Fashion Designer Jordan Dalah kicked off the very first on-site AAFW show with a bang, and not the kind of bang we may or may not have cut ourselves during lockdown… thankfully.

Grazia Magazine

Photo Source: Grazia Magazine

To accompany his show-stopping designs, he chose some seriously show-stopping hairstyles to match. Absolute Queen, Model & Victoria’s Secret Angel, Georgia Fowler served us serious volume-envy in a look created with, none other than, ZALA Hair Extensions! With a very minimal makeup look, it was all about the hair, and of course, breath-taking Aussie-designed fashion. 

Whether you are ready to take your hair to new heights like Georgia, or you’re more of a bouncy, VS Angel blowout kinda gal, Zala is definitely your go-to for gorgeous, runway ready hair. 

Backstage Entrance

The team at Zala HQ got to go backstage to get the scoop on how the best in the business work their magic and style the world’s best hair extensions!

So how exactly did they style these #Iconic locks?

Back-combing, hair padding and a whole lotta hairspray helped match the volume provided by the 8 x Zala Weft Bundles used on each model.

Georgia Fowler rocked our Chestnut Brown in 20” for a gorgeous match that seamlessly blended into her own naturally shoulder-length hair.

Get the runway look, shop our range here:

Masters at work – Team Zala couldn’t help having a little snoop at what is inside a professional hairdresser’s kit (besides Zala Extensions of course!)

After last year’s Fashion Week was sadly cancelled, we were SO excited to be a part of this year’s incredible comeback! Have you been following along to discover this year’s biggest fashion, beauty, and of course hair trends?

We’d love to see how you recreate your fave looks with your Zalas, get tagging on socials so we can share the inspo!

Can’t get enough of Fashion Week?

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Zala Keratin Hair Extensions

Your hair is, without a doubt, a great way to express yourself. But sometimes, the lack of length and volume can prevent you from being able to pull off the hairstyle of your dreams.

The quick and easy answer to this problem is hair extensions. Whether you want 16 inches of natural everyday hair that you can match at work or school, 22 inches of glamour and elegance to compliment your formal attire, or 24 inches of imposing boldness to boost your courage for a blind date, hair extensions can instantly transform and elevate your style.

Among all the kinds of hair extensions on the market right now, keratin hair extensions are some of the most sought-after ones. In today’s article, we’ll discuss this specific hair extension and compare it to Remy hair extensions, another kind of extension that’s available here at Zala.

What Are Zala Keratin Hair Extensions?

While Zala Keratin Hair Extensions are fairly new to our collection, this kind of hair extension has actually been around for quite some time now. For the past few years, celebrity hairstylists have been using them to provide an instant and seamless solution to hair problems.

Keratin hair extensions are specially designed to look and feel as natural as possible. They’re semi-permanent options that are extremely low-maintenance. You can use them continuously for up to 3-5 months, as long as you know how to care for them properly. This shouldn’t be a problem, as they usually only require minimal care.

Zala Keratin Hair Extensions, in particular, are made up of high-quality, soft, and silky hair strands crafted artificially using keratin protein, a man-made fiber. Instead of the usual beads or tapes, our keratin extensions here have halo bands, lessening the chances of damaging your natural hair.

Keratin Hair Extensions vs Remy Hair Extensions

The other hair extensions here at Zala are all made of human Remy hair. The change in material means that there are some differences between our keratin hair extensions and our Remy hair extensions.

Difference: Material

It goes without saying that the main difference between keratin hair extensions and Remy hair extensions is the material from which they are made of.

Remy hair extensions are made of 100% human hair, which means they function virtually the same as our natural strands. Keratin extensions, on the other hand, are made of a man-made fiber called keratin protein. Although it still looks very natural, does mean that it has a few limitations not present in Remy hair extensions.

Difference: Chemical Treatments

Because keratin extensions are made with man-made fiber, chemical treatments aren’t recommended. In other words, you can’t dye or rebond keratin extensions, unless you want them to dry out.

If you like coloring or straightening your hair, you’re better off with regular Remy hair extensions.

Difference: Lifespan

Another difference between the two is how long they last.

Not only are keratin extensions easier to maintain, they also have longer lifespans. While Remy hair extensions can typically only last up to 8 weeks, keratin extensions can last up to 3-5 months.

Similarity: Look and Feel

Keratin hair extensions and Remy hair extensionss look and feel about the same. If you go based on looks alone, both of them look very natural with your own strands. They also feel almost exactly like natural hair.

If you want natural-looking strands but don’t want the hassle of frequent maintenance, go for keratin extensions.

Similarity: Heat Styling

Styling your keratin hair using heat with curling rods or ironing rods is not a problem with both kinds of extensions.

Just like your natural hair and Remy hair extensions, keratin hair extensions can also be styled with heat. Just be careful when doing so as they tend to dry out more.

What Hair Extensions Are Available in Keratin

1. Keratin Volumizer

Zala Volumizers also have a keratin version. Unlike the Remy volumizers which fully utilize the clip-in application method, keratin volumizers use velcro tapes and a strong silicone-backed clip to instantly give you fuller hair in just one application.

2. Keratin Halo Extensions

If halo hair extensions are your favorite type of hair extensions, you’ll be glad to know that you can also get them in keratin instead of Remy strands.

Light, comfortable, and certainly undetectable, you can heat-style your perfect keratin halo hair extensions with temperatures up to 140 °C or 285°F.

3. Keratin Ponytail Extensions

Make everyone around you envious with your really thick keratin ponytail extensions that you can just clip and wrap around your own ponytail.

Note that your keratin ponytail extensions can handle heat styling up to 90 °C or 200°F.

4. Keratin Clip-In Extensions

Even the 9-piece clip-in hair extensions are available in keratin hair. These extensions also utilize seamless technology, making the clips more concealable and lighter.

Blending the hair extensions with your own hair has never been this effortless!

Styling Your Keratin Hair Extensions

With your keratin hair extensions, not only can you achieve your hair goals during special occasions, but you can also make every day a hair day. From beach waves to pretty braids, you can be assured that your hair is always the liveliest and most stunning it can be!

To find out more about hair extensions here at Zala, don’t forget to check out our blog now!


5 Quick And Easy Ways To Get The Perfect Curls

Pretty curls will never be out of style, regardless of hair length, color, or even texture. Whether you’re strolling on the beach during a vacation, attending a formal banquet for Valentines, at a party with friends, or simply out and about enjoying your day, curls and waves are never out of place!

If you like wearing hair extensions, curls are also bound to play a role in your regular look since styling your hair is one way of making the hair extensions blend seamlessly.

In this article, we’ve got five quick and easy ways on how to get the perfect curls while wearing your hair extensions!

1. With A Curling Iron

Are you wondering how to get pretty curls without having to go to a salon? All it takes is a curling iron. To differentiate, curling irons have cylindrical barrels with a clamp that holds your hair in place.

Here’s how to curl hair with curling iron: Wrap a thin 1-inch wide section of your hair around the barrel from the point near the roots where you want your curls to start. Then, clamp hair on the barrel for at least 10 seconds before releasing.

Repeat this process until you’ve done all the remaining sections of the hair you want to curl.

2. With a flat iron

The flat iron is initially designed to be used for straightening out your hair. However, curling hair with flat iron is also an option. Unlike the curling iron, curls formed using the flat iron are looser and more on the wavy side.

Here’s how to curl hair with flat iron: clamp a thin 1-inch wide section of your hair where you want your curls to start. Wrap the rest of the hair around the flat iron in an S-shape and hold it while sliding it down through your hair. Do this until about an inch or so before the tip. After releasing, curl the section around your finger to further define the waves.

3. With a curling wand

Compared to the previous two, curling hair with wand tools does not require the use of a clamp. Zala’s 4-in-1 Cosmo Curling Wand comes with four kinds of barrels so you can choose between loose waves or tight curls, defined curls, or ones in tapered diameters.

Same as with the curling iron, you just need to wrap the section of your hair around the barrel away from your face from the point where you want your curls to start up to the tip. Because the curling iron has no clamp, the whole wand gets hot during use. You should use a heat-resistant glove to make sure that your hand is protected at all times.

Pro tip: To become an expert on how to curl with a wand, remember to hold it vertically with the tip facing down for easier maneuvering. This is especially important if you’re using the tapered barrel so that the diameters of your curls would get smaller as it nears the tip of your hair.

4. With ordinary rollers

Before all these heating curlers were invented, people that rocked curls had to endure long hours of wearing rollers on the hair.

Using rollers is actually really simple. You just have to wrap a section of your hair around the roller until the entire section up to the root is wrapped. If you can’t keep your hair from unraveling from the rollers, you can use sectioning clips to keep your hair in place.

If you don’t have much time, you can use a setting spray to shorten the time needed to use the rollers. However, it’s still more preferable to keep them on for as long as you can so that the curls will last longer.

5. With hot rollers

Same with ordinary rollers, you need to wrap the section of your hair around the roller up to the tips. The difference lies in the amount of time you need to wait before unwinding. Unlike plastic or foam rollers, hot rollers can instantly curl your hair. The only caveat is that you have to wait for your hair to cool down before unwinding the rollers from your strands.

In general, you really shouldn’t touch your curls until your hair has cooled down enough to not ruin the styling. But remember that while curls are gorgeous and can fit any occasion, over-styling or more specifically, overheating, can ruin your hair and your hair extensions. Always make sure to use a heat protector to protect yourself from accidents.

Need more hair tips and tricks? Don’t forget to check out our Zala blog!