How To Find The Perfect Salon For You

Did you just move away from home? Did you have a bad experience with your previous stylist? Are you simply looking for a new place to go to for hair concerns?

If you’re feeling lost, then don’t worry, today’s your lucky day! In this article, we’ve provided 5 tips on how to find the perfect salon for you.


Ask people you trust

The easiest step for finding the perfect salon for you is to ask people you trust. This includes your family, your friends, your acquaintances – anyone who can give you an unbiased opinion. While you can’t know for sure if what works for them will also work on you, it might be worth a shot. For instance, if you see your sister donning an amazing hairstyle, you might want to ask them where they got it so that you can see for yourself.

Read online reviews

find the perfect salon for you
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If your friends and family can’t point you to any specific salon, online reviews can be a great way to find the perfect salon for you. That said, you shouldn’t rely too much on them either, especially if the reviews are from the salon’s own page. Make sure to check on third-party websites or trusted bloggers for unbiased reviews.

Review their offered services

Many salons offer different services to their customers, not just hair care. Some salons even offer mani-pedis and even foot spas, for instance. Others also offer beauty services like eyebrow threading, massages, waxing, etc. But of course, there are some salons that specialize in just a few things. Some salons specialize in blowouts or rebonding, for example. If you’d like to get those treatments done, you’re better off going to salons like those.

Find an expert in your style

There are good and bad hairstylists everywhere. When trying to find the perfect hair salon for you, it’s important to take a look at their stylists as well. If you have curly hair, you probably shouldn’t go to your straight-haired friend’s favorite stylist who typically works on straight-haired people. Make sure that there are experts in your preferred style in those salons that you’ll be checking out. Of course, you want someone who is especially qualified to work on your specific hair type and hair concern.

Don’t experiment on your first time

Once you already have a salon in mind, you should call in for your first appointment. It’s extremely important that you don’t experiment on your first time in the salon. Be as detailed as possible when telling them about your preferred procedure, just to see if you will vibe with the place and the stylist. After all, this is the time for you to check if they can match your expectations sufficiently.

Did you like these tips? What did you do to find your perfect salon? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 Reasons To Love Your Natural Hair

What do you hate the most about your hair? Probably an easy question, huh. Now, what do you love the most about your hair? If you’re like most people, this is a harder question to answer.

Here at ZALA, we believe that every woman is beautiful, regardless if they’re straight, curly, or wavy. You’re gorgeous in your own way, whether your hair is brown, black, gold, red, or white.

In today’s article, we’re listing down 10 important reasons to love your natural hair, no matter what it looks like! We’ll also offer tips on how to love your natural hair!


1.  Your hair is unique

If you take a closer look at your natural hair, you’ll see that it contains a combination of shades that no other person has. No matter the color of your hair, it will never entirely match another person’s hair. Even those with black hair will attest that there are different shades of black hair too. Some just look very dark brown. Some look as dark as the jet black night.

If you get your hair treated and colored at a salon, it will look exactly the same as the people who got treated and colored at the same salon too. Would you really give up your unique hair just to look like everybody else?

2.  Your hair is versatile

zala love your natural hair
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It’s easy to get versatile with your hairstyles when you’ve got natural hair. Don’t believe me? Try asking someone with chemically straightened hair to try curling their strands. They’d probably tell you that it’s not allowed, because it generally isn’t.

But if you’ve got natural hair, you have none of these concerns. You can rock curly hair today and straight hair the next morning, no problem. You can do updos, dutch braids, twists, buns, and all sorts of hairstyles with your hair with no problem at all.

Chemically treated hair, on the other hand, can’t be played around with like this. Not only are they more fragile, but they also tend to retain damages for a long time too.

3.  Your hair can save you money

When you start chemically treating your hair, it’s almost impossible to stop. That’s because you don’t want your hair to go back to the way it was when you first started chemical treatments, right?

But the thing is, getting treatments over and over again can get really expensive, really fast. Even if you decide to go the DIY route, you’d still have to spend a considerable amount of money. With natural hair though, you only have to spend money on your regular hair care regimen, and that’s it.  Honestly, the amount of money you can save is pretty substantial.

4.  Your hair can save you time

Your Hair Can Save You Time
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Although having natural hair doesn’t mean you don’t need to do maintenance, it does require relatively less maintenance than chemically treated hair. Did you know that depending on the length of your hair, rebonds and blowouts can take anywhere from 5-8 hours? Hot oil and hair cellophane treatments also take 30-60 minutes each.

This means you actually save a lot more time if you keep your hair au naturel. After all, instead of spending a lot of time getting your hair treated and doing follow-up treatments, you can do a lot more things with your time.

5.  Your hair exudes confidence

Natural hair automatically exudes confidence like none other. We can’t explain it, it just does. For some reason, going out knowing that your hair looks amazing without being chemically treated can do wonders for your confidence levels.

6.  Your hair inspires other people

Your Hair Inspires Other People
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There’s certainly nothing wrong with getting your hair chemically treated, but wouldn’t it be cool too if we just let our hair be?

While we all love perming, straightening, and coloring our hair, we have to say that seeing someone do natural hair is really very inspiring. It makes us just want to go back in time and let nature do its work!

7.  Your hair is stronger than ever

If you like swimming in the pool or in the ocean, dancing in the rain, or staying too long in the shower, you’ll probably benefit more from not getting your hair chemically treated hair at all.

Whether it’s rain, snow, or wind, nature is one of the biggest issues of chemically treated hair. Just a little wind and it gets extra frizzy, just a little rain and it can dry out completely. Talk about a hassle! Natural hair is much stronger than chemically treated hair, that’s for sure.

8.  Your hair is at its healthiest state

Your Hair is at its Healthiest State
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Why is hair care important, you ask! Well, it’s no secret that getting your hair chemically treated can cause permanent damages to your strands. These include breakages and split ends, among many others.

Ask any woman who’s ever had their hair chemically treated and they’ll tell you that their hair was much more fragile after the treatment than before. Personally, I can tell you that my hair became more prone to frizz after I had it rebonded. I literally had to use tons of conditioner every time I was in the shower just to make sure that my hair was getting enough hydration.

9.  Your hair teaches you self-love

Loving your natural hair is the same thing as self-love. By loving your hair, you’re also loving yourself, since your hair is a big part of you.

Regardless of what your hair looks like, it’s important to love it and care for it the way you would a good friend. Learn which cuts look good with your hair. Experiment with new hairstyles. Do your best to build a good regular hair care regimen that you can stick to. Your hair is you, so don’t forget to give it its much-deserved love and TLC!

10. Your hair defines you

zala love your natural hair
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As mentioned above, your hair is a big part of what makes you, you.

Short or long, your hair is your crowning glory. And no matter what anyone else says, always remember: you are beautiful. You are special. You are loved.

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How To Keep Your Hair Smelling Great

Have you ever gotten a sniff of someone’s hair, maybe during a busy commute, or while rushing through a busy street, and thought to yourself, “How do I get my hair to smell like that?

Unfortunately, while it’s easy to get nice-smelling hair after coming out of the shower, it’s much harder to maintain the smell throughout a haggard and tiring day. It’s especially harder if you’re an athlete who tends to sweat a lot or a chef who has to stay the whole day inside a busy kitchen.

If you’ve ever experienced that before, then today’s your lucky day. In this article, we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to keep your hair smelling great all day and even all night long!


Avoid environments with strong scents

We have to admit that this advice isn’t too helpful for those who have no choice but to stay in such environments, like our chef in the above example. But if you do have the privilege to avoid them, then it would be best to do so.

For instance, if you know that your workmates use a certain corner to smoke, you should try not to go there, as smoke can cling to your strands and linger for a long time. Smoke is also very hard to mask, even if you put perfume on it.

Cover your hair to protect it from scents

If you really can’t avoid going to areas that have really strong scents, you should at least try to protect your hair by covering it.

One example is if you work in a kitchen. Keep your hat on at all times, not just to prevent the smell from clinging to your hair, but also to keep your hair away from the food.

Also, if you’re planning to go to a party where you know there’s going to be a lot of smoke, you should put on something like a bandana or a cap to prevent the bad smells from sticking to your hair. If that’s not possible, a nice bun could also minimize the smoke that could get to your strands.

Wash your hair regularly with nice-smelling shampoo

Wash Your Hair Regularly With Nice-Smelling Shampoo
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The simplest way to get good-smelling hair is to just wash it regularly with nice-smelling shampoo.

If you have oily hair, this tip is even more important, since scents tend to stick more to oily hair than dry hair. This, in addition to all the dirt and product build-up on your hair and scalp, can lead to bad-smelling hair.

Aim to wash at least twice or thrice a week. Make sure that you use nice-smelling shampoo too, preferably paraben and sulphate-free like the ZALA Froth On You Shampoo for best results. If you want to make it smell even more delightful, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your shampoo, like lavender oil.

Lastly, drying your hair properly is also important. Not drying your hair properly can cause fungi to grow on your hair, which also causes a bad smell.

Use a leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioners are amazing at making sure that you keep your hair smelling great! They can also add extra softness and shine to your strands.

If you have frizzy hair, you would benefit from regularly using a leave-in conditioner to lock all the moisture and hydration into your tresses.

For a better effect, you can also add scented essential oils to your leave-in conditioner. A drop or two is usually enough to make your hair not just look more beautiful, but also smell more amazing, too.

Do a lemon rinse

Fresh Lemon Rinse
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One of the natural DIY treatments that you can do to keep your hair smelling great is a fresh lemon rinse. This treatment can make your hair smell fresh as well as fight skin issues like dandruff and itchy scalp.

All you need is freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix it with a cup of water and massage the mixture into your hair. Leave it on for 10 minutes. Rinse, then use a conditioner to prevent your hair from drying out.

Do take note that lemon rinses can also lighten up your hair, especially if you get exposed to the sun during or shortly after your rinse.

Clean your hair accessories

Cleaning your hair accessories is also necessary if you want to get great-smelling hair. After all, no matter how much you wash your hair, if your headbands, hats, head wraps, or scarves are all dirty due to sweat or product build-up, the scent will just stick to your strands.

You should also wash your hairbrush or hair comb at least once a week to make sure that they always smell fresh too. Of course, pillowcases are also a must, especially if you tend to fall asleep right after showering at night.

My hair still smells bad, why?

Unfortunately, if your hair still smells bad after doing all of these, you might be suffering from what is called the “smelly hair syndrome”. This condition originates from the scalp, which is why it’s so hard to deal with. Medicated shampoos and antifungal products could help, but it would be best if you consult with a doctor.


As you can see, it’s certainly possible to keep your hair smelling great all the time. If you’ve been dealing with smelly hair despite all your efforts though, you probably should go to the dermatologist to properly diagnose the issue.

What’s your favorite tip for keeping your hair smelling great? We’d love to know in the comments below!

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6 Hair Product Ingredients To Avoid

What hair product ingredients do you typically use for your hair?

Just like our skin, our scalp also tends to absorb whatever we use to clean it. This means that if we use harmful or toxic products, our scalp will also absorb those products, therefore affecting our hair and scalp health.

Sadly, a study on black women’s hair revealed that 1 out of 12 beauty products contain dangerous chemicals that may pose some harm to our hair.

In this article, we’ve listed down 6 hair product ingredients to avoid if you want to keep your hair and scalp healthy!



Paraben is a kind of preservative that is usually found in shampoo and conditioners to prolong shelf life. They are typically labeled as benzylparaben, ethylparaben, and propylparaben, among many others.

Although it’s very common, the truth is that parabens are extremely dangerous to your health. Possible issues include skin irritation, neurotoxicity, and even reproductive issues. Worse, parabens may even be associated with heightened cancer risk, specifically breast cancer.

If you want a good shampoo that doesn’t contain any parabens, take a look at our shampoos here at ZALA. This includes our Froth on You Shampoo and our Cool Down Toning Shampoo!


Sulfates give shampoos their foamy lather, but did you know that it’s one of those hair product ingredients to avoid too?

These chemicals can not only dry out your hair, but they can also damage your immune system. They can even cause skin inflammation, irritation, and rashes. This effectively slows down healthy hair growth, giving way to frizzy, dry, and brittle strands.

If you really want to give your hair, or your hair extensions, a nice rinse, it’s best to use sulfate-free products like our ZALA Smooth Talker Conditioner!


(c) Unsplash

Alcohol is everywhere, from your hair products to your skincare products. Manufacturers use it for its evaporation qualities. While there’s nothing wrong about using alcohols in general, there are some alcohols that you should definitely stay away from.

These include SD, ethanol, isopropyl, porpanol, propyl, and ethyl alcohol. These types of alcohol can strip too much of the helpful oils on your scalp, leaving you with dry and brittle strands.

The only alcohols that are generally safe include cetyl, stearyl, and oleyl alcohol, because these are fatty alcohols that are typically used in hair care products to give them a thick and creamy consistency.


Dimethicone is a form of silicone that is typically found in hair care products like shampoos, conditioners, and serums, in addition to many others.

Manufacturers really like using dimethicone since it’s affordable and it can synthetically smoothen and soften hair easily. Unfortunately, it creates a silicone coating that is so thick, water and other nutrients aren’t easily able to penetrate it. This leads to dehydrated, malnourished hair over time.

If you’re ever going to use silicones in your hair, only do so when you’re about to do heat-styling. Silicone can give some additional protection to your hair so that it doesn’t get damaged from the heat.

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is a petroleum byproduct that is used to lubricate your hair to make it more moisturized.

However, just like dimethicone above, mineral oil can also suffocate your hair badly. This is due to the thick coating it creates over your hair cuticles. This ends up giving you acne, excesses sebum, and irritated skin. In addition to this, mineral oil is also extremely hard to wash out of your hair. You’ll basically have to wash multiple times just to get it out.


Last but definitely not least is formaldehyde, one of the worst hair product ingredients that you should avoid as much as you can.

This strong chemical is often used in building products to prevent bacteria growth. When it comes to hair though, it’s also used as an ingredient. This is order to help keep your hair smooth for a long time. Think keratin treatments. How do you think your hair stays so soft and smooth for so long?

Sadly, formaldehyde is linked to several issues, such as allergic reactions, headaches, eye problems, immune system problems, and even cancer. Of course, a brief exposure during one Brazilian blowout session is not enough to cause damages. But that’s why you should take care of your hair well to lessen your need for such treatments.


Chemicals are around us everyday, and it doesn’t mean that they’re harmful or toxic outright.

However, we can’t deny that there are some out there that are much better left out of your products. Before purchasing a new hair or beauty product, make sure to skim its ingredients list first for any instances of the hair product ingredients listed above.

What about you, what hair product ingredient do you tend to avoid? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below!

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5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair During This Lockdown

Lockdowns have been happening all over the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although these days are certainly stressful, there’s no better time to start taking care of your hair than now.

Here are 5 ways to take care of your hair during this lockdown!

Take Care of Hair During The Lockdown

Trim your hair

If you’ve always wanted to trim your hair to get rid of breakages but don’t want to don a shorter hairstyle to work or school, now’s the perfect time to start afresh.

Take note, you don’t have to get a really drastic cut. In fact, experts suggest staying away from scissors if you want to do something drastic since making a mistake means staying with that mistake until salons open up again.

Trim only a half-inch to a couple of inches from your hair. This should be enough to cover most beginning breakages, especially split ends. Ideally, you should be getting a trim anywhere from every few weeks to every few months anyway.

Skip washes

take care of your hair
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Washing your hair every day is not recommended as it can really dry your hair out. That said, it’s very understandable if you can’t skip washes when you go to school or work. Now that there most schools have shut down and officers are adopting a work-from-home setup though, you’ve got no reason to keep washing your hair daily.

Only wash your hair twice or thrice a week, and don’t forget to get deep conditioning treatments at least once a week. This will help prevent breakages, dryness, and dullness.

Stop using heat-styling tools

Similarly, not having to leave the house to go to school or work means that you can finally stop using heat-styling tools. Definitely a perfect way to take care of your hair during this lockdown!

Although we all love them for how convenient and time-saving they are, heat-styling tools can actually do more harm than good over time. If you don’t know how to use them properly, they could potentially do irreparable damages to your strands.

Give your crowning glory a break right now and put down the heat-styling tools. And remember, if you’re going to use them, make sure you pick something that is kind to your tresses, like the ZALA 4-in-1 Cosmo Curling Wand.

Use natural oils

Use Natural Oils
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Natural oils are an amazing gift from nature if you want to get soft, smooth, and healthy hair. You can use different kinds of oils for different issues, like hair fall, dull hair, and brittle strands.

If you don’t have natural oils at home, you can also use essential oils. Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts and they can be very helpful for a variety of hair issues too. Our favorites here at ZALA are argan oil and jojoba oil due to their multitude of benefits.

Here’s a tip: after putting the oil on your hair, wrap a hot towel around your head and leave it on for a few minutes. This will make the oil get absorbed better, which leads to a more beautiful result.

Try new hair care treatments

You’ve got time, so why not indulge yourself in new hair care treatments that you’ve never tried before? Believe it or not, there are many treatments that you can do yourself using items found in the fridge or in the pantry.

You can do DIY hair masks, DIY hair conditioners, and other DIY hair treatments. Again, you’ve got time, so experiment all you want!

What are you doing to cope during this lockdown? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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