It’s safe to say bobby pins are a necessity when it comes to styling your hair! But, did you know there’s a few tips and tricks when it comes to these little hairstyle saviors? No?! We bring you these bobby pin hacks that will revolutionize your bobby pins! Let’s get back to basics with how to put a bobby pin in your hair.

bobby pin hacks


Do your bobby pins slowly fall out during the day? You’re not alone. It all comes down to how to put on bobby pins. Helpful hint: The opening of the hook is the exact size for the amount of hair a bobby pin should hold. If you’re struggling to make your pins stay in place, this little trick will keep them put! Stop opening the hook to slide into place.This will only force too much hair in your bobby pin therefore it can not properly close. Instead, gently push the pin into your hair without opening both prongs. This’ll also prolong the life of your bobby pins!

Still struggling to make them stay in place? Apply bobby pins using a weaving motion, catching hair from underneath for extra grip. Both these bobby pins will ensure those babies are going nowhere!

And if your bobby pins are still slipping, these bobby pin hacks will lock them in place. Secure those pins with either two haircare products. Hairspray or dry shampoo! By spraying each bobby pin just before application, you’ll create extra grip in your hair. Yay for long past bobby pins!

We bet you won’t be aware of this trick from our list of bobby pin hacks! It all comes down to how to put bobby pins in hair. You’re most likely applying them wrong… Bobby pins are actually supposed to be applied WAVY SIDE DOWN. By applying these hair grips correctly, you’ll be surprised at the difference with both grip and appearance! This will display the flat side of your bobby pin and in turn, make them more discreet in your hair. Now that you know how to put in bobby pins, go have some fun!

bobby pin hacks

I bet we can all relate to the strange disappearance of all bobby pins we’ve ever owned?! Let’s talk about how to store bobby pins. Well, if you seem to constantly lose or misplace them, here’s a helpful tip! Store your bobby pins in an old tic tac container or on a magnetic strip. This of all bobby pin hacks is one of the best! You can even use decorative tape on the container to make it extra pretty.

bobby pin hacks

 We hope we’ve put an end to your struggles with these bobby pin hacks


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  1. Gina says:

    Okay seriously haha i wish i had known all of this a year ago. These are the best hacks ever. I never knew that you were meant to put bobby pins in wavy side down. Makes so much more sense now that i think about it. Really useful tip about the size of the hook is the amount of hair that should be used with that bobby pin. This also makes a lot more sense haha. I will be sure to be telling all my friends about this. I’m never going to wear a bobby pin wrong now hah woo. Also zala extensions are phenomenal literally best quality price is perfect and hair is on point.

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