Balayage Tape Extensions

ZALA is excited to launch our brand new range of balayage tape extensions, perfect for any tape extensions lover. Check out our guide to this exciting new range below!

ZALA balayage tape extensions

Balayage Tape Extensions

Our brand new range of balayage tape extensions include around two inches of a darker shade at the root of the tape. This allows for amazing blending with your natural hair and cancels the tapes perfectly with darker roots.

Like our clip in balayage range, these new balayage tape extensions come in a range of colour combinations and lengths, making them perfect for a wide range of hair shades and colours.

Dark Chocolate #2 / Chestnut Brown #6

Balayage Tape Extensions

This shade is perfect for darker brunettes as it blends ZALA’s darkest brunette shade, Dark Chocolate #2 at the root with our Chestnut Brown #6.

Chestnut Brown #6 / Dirty Blonde #12

Balayage Tape Extensions

We love this shade for darker blondes as it blends our Chestnut Brown # 6 with our Dirty Blonde #12 shade.

Cinnamon #8 / Honey Blonde #18

Balayage Tape Extensions

This shade is great for slightly lighter blondes and mixes our warm Cinnamon #8 shade with Honey Blonde #18.

Caramel #10 /Beachy Blonde #613

Balayage Tape Extensions

This is great for those with dyed blonde hair and allows for better blending as your roots grow out. This shade is a mixture of our Caramel #10 shade and lighter blonde shade Beachy Blonde #613.

Dirty Blonde #12 / Beachy Blonde #613

Balayage Tape Extensions

This shade is also perfect for those with dyed blonde hair or even highlights from the sun and slightly lighter roots. It mixes our Dirty Blonde #12 with Beachy Blonde #613 to create a lovely subtle blonde balayage.

For more information about tape application, removal and retaping, check out the following videos:

You can also shop ZALA’s complete hair care range here. This range has been specially designed for hair extensions and is a must for any tape extension wearer!

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