Avoiding Bad Hair Days

Everyone gets bad hair days.

And by everyone, we really mean everyone. Be it your sister, your best friend that popular girl at school, that lady down the street, and of course, you. We assure you, nobody in this world is exempted from bad hair days.

While we can't exactly avoid bad hair days, we can at least try to make it better! Here are some tips to doing just that!

ZALA Avoiding Bad Hair Days

1. Wear a headband

Yeah, yeah. We also thought we had already left headbands back in the 8th grade. Kidding aside, headbands can really do wonders during bad hair days! Admittedly, they're a pretty nice accessory. You know what's better than plain headbands, though? Silk headbands!

2. Use a cap

Just like a headband, a cap is another great way to hide your bad hair day dilemma. If you want, you can just incorporate the cap into your OOTD! There's nothing wrong with showing up in a sporty attire every now and then, right?

3. Braid it

One of my personal favorites is to braid my hair when I'm having a bad hair day. Honestly, I've been abusing this so much that in college, everyone thought it was my signature look! Bad hair day or not, braids always look lovely, so that's a plus for you, too.

4. Cover it with a trendy scarf

Cover Hair with a Trendy Scarf
(c) Unsplash

Ah, another way to hide the ugly truth. A trendy scarf is an awesome way to stay in style while trying to hide bad hair though. If you've never tried wearing one before, you're really missing out!

5. Say 'no' to heat

When you're already having a bad hair day, adding more stress to your hair just wouldn't do any good. So if you know that your hair's not in its usual condition, it's always better to stay away from heat tools like curling wands and straightening irons that could further damage your tresses.

6. Wear a hoodie

Aren't we getting running out of ways to add bad hair yet? Frankly, no, not when we haven't mentioned hoodies yet! I like using hoodies when I know that my hair isn't at its tip-top shape but don't care as much. After all, hoodies are more like emergency last resorts than anything. Going for a walk? Hoodie down. See your crush suddenly coming your way? Hoodie up!

7. Put it in a top knot

Put It In A Top Knot
(c) Unsplash

A top knot is a simple and extremely easy way to style your hair when you're having a bad hair day. Just gather all your hair in a single ponytail, tie it around itself a couple of times, and secure with an elastic. All good!

8. Wash quickly

Some bad hair days are caused by hair that's unkempt or dirty. While we do advise against washing your hair every day, you do know that you still have to wash it occasionally, right? If you haven't washed your hair in a while and feel like it's already frizzy, oily, or slightly matted, it's probably best to wash your hair, like right now.

9. Use dry shampoo

Sometimes, dry shampoo is all you need to add instant volume to your hair. Make sure to spritz some at the roots to freshen them up!

If you're interested in more hair tips and tricks, feel free to check out the ZALA blog!

April 11, 2019
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