4 Kinds of Hair Extension Addicts

Here at ZALA, we know a thing or two about hair extension obsessions. Hair extensions are such an easy way to add length, volume and life to your hair and we can admit can be pretty addictive. I mean, come on, there is nothing like opening up your fresh set of extensions.

Check out the 4 kinds of hair extension addicts and decide which one you are below!

4 Kinds of Hair Extension Addicts

4 Kinds of Hair Extension Addicts

4 Kinds of Hair Extension Addicts

1. The Regretful Hair Cut

We all know that feeling of regret walking out of the salon with a new do that is just too short. You panic, realising it will take months to grow back and curse your hair dresser who promised just to take off “two inches” and quickly delete that inspiration pic of Jennifer Lawrence from your phone. But all is solved when you clip in your favourite pair of ZALAs and feeling your old self again, complete with long lush locks.

4 Kinds of Hair Extension Addicts

2. The Length Addict

This girl is no stranger to hair extensions. In fact she had slowly been trying longer and longer sets for as long as you’ve known her. Inspired by Kim Kardashian’s gorgeous long locks and Rihanna’s amazing long hair moments, she isn’t afraid to rock the 24 inch30 inch sets and let’s admit it, she rocks them! In fact, she may even be the one who inspired you to try extensions for the first time, trying a slightly shorter set to start of course. Who knows, maybe one day you will make it to the longest lengths like her.

4 Kinds of Hair Extension Addicts

3. The Volume Addict

No one likes limp and lifeless hair, especially not the volume addict. She discovered hair extensions to give her hair a boost of volume, and boy did she! She is always trying new hair styles, experimenting with curls and up-dos and always looks amazing. And she can walk into a room and turn heads with her glamorous and voluminous mane. Her favourite extensions are definitely the ZALA Quad Wefted Clip-ins for the ultimate shampoo-commercial-hair-flipping-volume!

4 Kinds of Hair Extension Addicts

4. The Party Girl

This girl loves a party. Whether it’s a summer wedding, music festival, her BFF’s birthday dinner or Friday night movie at yours, she finds an excuse to get her hair looking fabulous. She is definitely who you go to for hair advice because she has tried it all. Whether it is clip-ins, tape extensions or ponytails, she’s a fan there is no denying that she is your hair goals.

You can check out ZALA full hair extension and care range, along with heaps of fun and useful hair tutorials at the ZALA YouTube page.

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  1. Sienna says:

    Wow, what a pretty explanation about all kinds of hair addicts I ever heard. You covered all kind of hair lovers here. Yes, of course they are in the love of their hairs always trying to get it better, better and better.

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