3 Reasons Why You Need Hair Sunscreen

Have you ever considered that you might need hair sunscreen in your life? For most of us, we already know how important it is to wear sunscreen when we’re out in the sun to protect us from harmful UV radiation.

zala 3 reasons why need hair sunscreen

Unfortunately, many of us haven’t considered that we also need hair sunscreen to protect our hair as well. Hair sunscreen is all about protecting the condition of your hair – even when exposed under the sun. Here are a few reasons why you should take the time to seriously consider why you need hair sunscreen to protect your hair from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

1. The sun can damage your hair color

zala need hair sunscreen
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Being out in the sun can change the color of your hair whether it’s your natural color or you’ve color treated your hair. The strong UV rays you’re exposed to during your time in the sun damages your hair with the same level of radiation as it does your skin. Exposing your hair to the sun will lift the color from your hair and make it lighter.

The molecules haven’t been chemically altered in natural hair so they won’t have as much pigment lifted from them. However, if you have colored hair and you want to keep it looking glossy, hair sunscreen will protect your hair and keep it from becoming dull.

2. UV rays can damage your hair's structure

Your hair cuticle keeps moisture sealed in your hair. When you expose your hair to the sun without protection, it opens this cuticle and releases the moisture in your hair. This causes your hair to become frizzy and dry. Dry hair can cause lots of problems, including breakages and damages that you'll certainly want to avoid.

By breaking down the proteins in your hair, you end up with brittle hair that forms split ends and breaks easily. If you want to prevent the sun from drying out your hair, you’ll need hair sunscreen to keep this moisture in throughout the summer.

3. Hair sunscreen protects your hair the right way

zala need hair sunscreen
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You might be wondering why you need a different product to protect your hair from sunlight. You’ve probably guessed that putting regular sunscreen in our hair to protect our scalp wouldn’t work out. You’d leave your hair full of the greasy, white, barely absorbable skin protectant, making it impossible to style.

You need hair sunscreen because unlike other hair products, it's made with hair-friendly ingredients. One example is essential oils, which won’t weigh your hair down. These oils also provide the correct amount of SPF protection, perfect for our hair. Of course, sunscreen that we wear on our skin tend to have a high concentration of SPF.

It’s pretty hard to argue that the sun doesn’t make your hair dryer and lighter during the sunny months because we’ve all witnessed how fragile it becomes by the time fall rolls around. Hair sunscreen will do the important job of protecting your color and help you keep the moisture and bounce you’ve worked so hard to cultivate.

As long as you remember to select the right SPF for your gorgeous locks, you’ll soon see the benefits in realizing why you need hair sunscreen in your own life.

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June 20, 2019
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